Pega Practice

Pega is one of today’s most effective tools and frameworks for BPM, CRM, and application development.

Tekvista, Inc specializes in the Iterative and Agile Delivery of Pega, most of our engagements today are executed using Scrum. We can deliver your Pega Program, your Pega Project or provide expert consultants to work alongside your own team.

Our approach to designing and delivering Pega solutions focuses on key business issues and aligning the right solutions for the challenges faced by our clients worldwide.

Aligning with our customers, we are now providing a high value result by combining our experience and expertise in process definition and management with Pegasystems’s – the most effective tools and frameworks for BPM available today.

Utilizing Pegasystems’s capabilities as a fully integrated environment for the complete software development life cycle.


Agile Coaching

For many organizations, Agile is more like an elusive mantra than a daily practice. Stuck in the inflection point between traditional methods and future aspirations, organizations struggle to overcome the cultural, process, leadership and financial changes needed to embrace an Agile methodology. Tekvista’s Agile Enablement teams bring many years of experience leading change initiatives, taking stock of a company’s existing environment and deploying a tailored approach to guarantee success. The net result is a win for all stakeholders, with higher levels of efficiency, improved time to market and greater innovation.



Mobile is not the future, it’s now. Every company seeks to connect with their target in a seamless and effective manner, promoting action. We create mobile solutions that augment omnichannel functionality in a meaningful way – a seamless user experience where organizations and users can interact to better understand each other, and where companies can provide real value to their customers.


Healthcare IT

Tekvista’s wide-range of end-to-end integrated IT Services are specifically designed to deliver sustainable value to hospitals and healthcare providers by advancing flexible and cost-efficient solutions designed to maximize healthcare organizations’ IT investments. Tekvista’s high-value IT solutions drive quality patient care at reduced costs, ensuring reliable IT performance and adherence to compliance, security and regulatory requirements.