Archive indexer series

Easily add search info scanned & electronic files.

Archive indexer series easily adds searchable information to scanned and electronic files which prepares files for document management. It creates and populates property fields (Customizable categories of information) and OCR’s text for full text searching. Index information can be automatically imported to Archive Organizer or any standard database solution. Use as a standalone or as part of the Archive solution.

Archive organizer

Provides the Database Framework

Archive Organizer provides the database framework for a thorough document management solution. Organize both scanned documents and drawings, CAD, PDF, Web, and existing office files by quickly and easily indexing property fields and full text content. Benefits include full text search, property field sort, multi format view, redline and print. Publish the full database or your Internet/Intranet.

Archive Explorer

Locate, View and Redline

Archive Explorer locates, views, redline (Optional) and prints any file in your database. It is the desktop (client) search and retrieval component. Using Surround Search, any word/phrase combination can be instantaneously located in any file in the database. Search, view, redline and print all common files formats.

Small business record Archive

Document and Image Management

Small Business RECORD Archive® Series is electronic document & image management software solution to organize, distribute, share and archive your information. It supports most common file formats, including scanned images, MS Office files & Adobe PDF Documents. Using industry standard database formats and a Windows Explorer-style interface, archive is easy to deploy, maintain, customize and use.